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Friday, 14th of september

7.00pm – approx. 11pm
„You are the salt of the earth“

We begin the weekend to the glory of our awesome God with a great roar of music and worship. We will focus on the power words from Matthew 5, which turned the world upside down.
Followed by a prayer night The following prayer night ploughs a new acre.


Saturday, 15th of september

9.30 am – 12am
“Your father who sees what’s hidden”
The morning belongs wholly to the Lord of the hearts: He searches our inmost parts and forms our character. Testimonies make the subject come alive. And, as always; Worship the one who lights the darkness.
3pm – 5.30pm
“That’s why you should pray”
Has your prayer life dried up? Let your spirit be refreshed through worship. The prayer life of the Anabaptists is still up-to-date after 400 years. Have you ever seen a danced prayer?
7pm – approx. 11pm
“Be reconciled with your brother”
The widow of an Indonesian martyr lives the stunning power of reconciliation and forgiveness. She will testify what the Anabaptists discovered. Do you need to take steps of reconciliation?


Sunday, 16th of september

9.30am – 12am
„Whoever hears my words and puts them to practise”
Sermon: Geri Keller, Winterthur
The final bouquet of this morning is again a great shout of joy over the doors that Jesus opened for us and our generation. Additionally, the strong two-stroke engine is explained: “hear - do – hear – do”
Following Followed by a joyful get-together with picnic and catering.